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MAP Mobile

MAP Services

Tailor-made, personalized media support for your professional events.
Coverage in photos, videos, audio and news stories with broadcast on all MAP websites and social networks and production of high-quality deliverables that meet international standards.

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MAP Broadcast

Modern approach combining reflection, innovation and broadcast strategy on multiple channels.
MAP Broadcast is a live and duplex ready service. It is also designed ti meet the needs of broadcasters through:

  • DSNG and flyway equipement
  • Media coverage
  • Satellite transmission
  • Audiovisual production
  • Live streaming

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MAP Business

MAP Business, is an info-commercial service for companies, which allows them to:

• Promote their projects in terms of communication
• Provide visibility to their image and products
• Benefit from a wide dissemination through MAP agreements with several media outlets.

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SOS Fakenews

SOS FAKE NEWS is an assurance against fake news for companies, which allows them to:
• Re-establish the truth about the facts in the event of a crisis
• Write a news story with its sources identified, verified and cross-checked
• Benefit from MAP’s reputation and credibility as a premium news provider

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MAP Screen

The first og its kind in Morocco, MAP Screen is an information wall designed according to international urban standards.

MAP Screen is an elegant solution to display your trademark and products.

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MAP Intelligence

In a world where information is increasingly important, the media monitoring service of the Moroccan Press Agency, MAP Intelligence, introduces itself as a solution for monitoring and analyzing the content of journalistic sources on an international scale.

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Les cahiers de la MAP

Special issue published on demand in a magazine format, following the coverage of a specific event or for the record of activities during a given period, with the aim of highlighting the achievements in a lasting archive.

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