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MAP Mobile

MAP Photo

A photographic library of 1500 pictures daily covering national and regional news in the political, diplomatic, economic, sports, cultural and social fields.

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MAP Audio

An average production of 40 soundtracks put at the disposal of radio channels as interview, and statements on current news.

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Une production de plus de 20 vidéos par jour, 24/7, en haute définition, couvrant toute l’actualité nationale et les sujets de société.

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MAP Infographie

Illustration of data while highlighting trends in images and statistical figures, making analysis easier for professionals, decision-makers and researchers. Infographics available for download on a dedicated online platform.

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MAP Archives

The first online outlet for digital archives in Morocco. is making a news agency’s heritage since 1959 available to professionals and to the general public.

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DIB News

The online platform “DIB News” (Digital Information Broadcast) targets mainly an urban population that seeks platforms to reveal its creativity and talent.

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