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MAP Launches Seven Music-Themed Web Radios

The Moroccan News Agency (MAP) launched December 24, 2021 seven thematic music web radios, in an unprecedented move to diversify its cultural products in line with its founding text and with the pluralism and richness of the national heritage and Moroccan traditions.

Accessible on the Internet via a website and mobile applications on Android and IOS, these web radios concern classical Arabic music (, Moroccan eternals (, Andalusian music (, Amazigh music (, popular music (, samâa music ( and youth music (

“Tarab Radio” presents the classical Arab song, this eternal song that has undergone glory since the 1930s. One city symbolized this musical renaissance; Cairo. Only one city, only one music, but multiple personalities and various talents came from everywhere to give this art all the greatness it has.

It is not a question of nostalgia but rather of transmission. This radio intends to transmit ideas, emotions, texts and dreams to all upcoming generations so as to permanently share artistic Arab refinement.

On the other hand, “Radio Maloulou” offers a walk through everlasting Moroccan songs; an artistic creativity that has illuminated Moroccan imagination since the 1940s.

If the concept of “Moroccanness” could have an explicit meaning, these songs can express it masterfully. An entire generation of artists, composers and lyricists has been involved in this monumental work that has given nobility to the Moroccan song.

MAP, through this rich musical platform, also pays tribute to Andalusian music, which remains unique in its diversity. This music has been enriched from the ocean to the Gulf of a thousand nuances that make it a unique universal heritage.

Through “Radio des Andalousies”, the Agency wants to restore this diversity in the most heterogeneous way to precisely show this powerful wealth. From Tetouan to Rabat, Tlemcen to Constantine, Fez to Algiers, Tunis to Damascus, Tripoli to Essaouira, the Andalusian music is celebrated with thousands of feats.

In addition, MAP has not failed to celebrate the Amazigh musical heritage, this creative land where Berber songs are considered a vision of the world and a constituent part of human culture.

In “Radio Tamazgha”, Berber chants will find, in this radio, a singular, welcoming and prodigal fatherland. The entirety of Amazighness music will benefit from an assumed proselytism and will be proudly represented as immaterial evidence of an irrefragable reality.

For its part, the “World Of Aïta” radio highlights the songs of the Moroccan Atlantic plains, and others, which are linked to rain, harvests, ploughing, love and generous nature’s prodigality with countless benefits.

Songs of fulfilled men and women respond to the generosity of nature. This hymn varies significantly from one region to another but always remains in the same register of happy rurality.

Sometimes, when necessary, Aïta can be a song of liberation against the oppressor, of struggle against injustice, and for the emancipation of men and women. Former Caïds, known as the tenants of the protectorate, have been subjected by songs of condemnation and revolt, marking entire generations.

The festive lightness in which some want to maintain this ancestral art does not hold because Aïta, above anything else, is the expression of a dense and prolific human epic.

For their part, lovers of Samâa music will find in MAP’s “Radio Samâa” a panoply of songs, the sincere expression of the love of God and his Prophet Sidna Mohammed may peace be upon him.

Delight to the heart is to go in all purity to meet God through decisive stages made up of prayers, communion, concentration, retreats, songs and celebration of the Divine and his prophet. Those who are on this path will find in this radio voice essential contributions which are likely to sublimate their desire on the right path to God.

Finally, the music of today, the one dedicated to youth, finds all its splendor in “DIB Radio”, which honors young Moroccans’ creativity that has always been very expressive and prodigious on the musical level.

“DIB Radio” presents the Moroccan Rap and its successes, but also other sensibilities that express themselves with as much talent and who also sign true “success story” in Morocco. Sensitive texts and admirable voices carry this young wave to heights of inventiveness. Inspired boys and girls find in this radio a welcoming and benevolent place which can, sometimes, be that of the first chance.

Two other radio projects are underway, one concerning Hassani music and the other concerning Malhoun. They will see the day in the weeks to come.

With these new radio products, MAP addresses all tastes and contributes in its own way to the protection of the richness and diversity of Moroccan cultural expressions, translating into reality the text and spirit of Morocco’s 2011 constitution on cultural diversity.

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