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Brandon Hall Awards: An International Trophy of Excellence for MAP Academy

The MAP Academy e-learning platform for the Moroccan News Agency, won in 2019 the Brandon Hall Awards in the category “Better progress in the creation of a training strategy”.

The prestigious American group, Brandon Hall, whose awards are also called the Academia training awards, in reference to the Oscars, awarded MAP the bronze medal in recognition of the continuous training system online in MAP Academy, launched in partnership with IDEO Factory, the national leader in Digital Learning.

This prestigious award, a first for an African organization, recognizes the training system initiated in 2015 by the MAP Foundation.

The project, which consists of the implementation of an online training academy which provides more than 2000 hours of training per year, aims to support the transformation of MAP into a 360 agency with a strong presence on the net, offering diversified multimedia products, developing a continuous information audiovisual channel and confirming its leadership on the African continent.

The projects were assessed by a global panel of independent experts and by Brandon Hall Group Senior Analysts against a series of criteria covering suitability, program design, functionality, innovation and quantifiable benefits.

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