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Calligraphy training: Royal firm determination to preserve deep-rooted art
Casablanca  -  

The firm determination of HM King Mohammed VI to promote training in calligraphy, a form of art that is deep-rooted in Morocco’s rich history, was given new concrete shape when the Sovereign handed, on Friday at Multimedia Library of the Hassan II Grand Mosque in Casablanca, diplomas to calligraphy graduates of the Casablanca Traditional Arts Academy.

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Morocco reinforces national plan to fight threats facing it, Interior Ministry
Rabat  -  

The Interior minister announced the Royal decision to reinforce the national plan in force to fight all threats facing the Kingdom.

Morocco flatly condemns terrorist attack in northern Sinai in Egypt, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Rabat  -  

Morocco flatly condemned the terrorist attack perpetrated on Friday in northern Sinai in Egypt and which claimed the lives of many innocent victims, voicing its solidarity with the Arab Republic of Egypt.

Chadian PM wraps up working visit to Morocco
Salé  -  

Chadian Prime minister Kalzeubé Payimi Deubet wrapped on Saturday a three-day working visit to Morocco.


Morocco, Chad give new impetus to bilateral cooperation
Rabat  -  

Morocco and Chad gave a strong momentum to their bilateral relations of cooperation after concluding Friday in Rabat several cooperation agreements covering various economic and social areas.

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Marrakech  -  

Morocco has very important economic assets mainly its institutional and economic stability, said, Saturday in Marrakech, World Bank Managing Director for Finance and Chief Financial Officer Bertrand Badré.

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FIFA Club World Cup Morocco 2014: Tickets go on sale
Zurich  -  

Tickets for the 2014 FIFA Club World Cup, which will be held in Rabat and Marrakech from December 10 to 20 are put on sale until November 4, FIFA announced.

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MCC CEO commends 'qualitative progress' made by Morocco
Rabat  -  

Chief Executive Officer of the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) Dana Hyde lauded, on Friday in Rabat, the qualitative progress made by Morocco, assessed on the basis of MCC indicators to determine partner countries' eligibility to benefit from cooperation programs.

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Beirut  -  

Morocco presented in Beirut the action program to carry out decisions by the 5th conference of the signatories of the
Agreement on the Conservation of Cetaceans in the Black Sea Mediterranean Sea and Contiguous Atlantic Area (ACCOBAMS), held in Tangiers in November 2013.

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Paris  -  

Moroccan writer Fouad Laroui was awarded on Thursday in France the Grand Prix Jean Giono 2014 for his novel "The tribulations of the last Sijilmassi".

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Muharram 1st on Sunday, October 26, Ministry
Rabat  -  

Muharram 1st of the new hegira year 1436 will correspond to Sunday, October 26, the ministry of endowments and Islamic affairs has announced on Friday.

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Morocco goes back to GMT time on Sunday
Rabat  -  

Morocco will resume the GMT time on Sunday, October 26, the ministry of civil service and administration modernization announced.

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